Absolutly Anti-Human Behaviors
30 March 2012
The Devil Inside
28 February 2015
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Annihilation +LIVE



The long-awaited re-release of their second demo in 2007 Embrional murderers. This material showed the way that horde became at a later debut album. Six brutal blows from demo remained in its original version. Music without unnecessary treatment, mix or anything that would destroy the original recordings aggression. Additionally, at CD has been added a full concert from the “Rude Boy” club in Bielsko-Biala from 07.04.2013. The concert was recorded and executed professionally what allows us to experience of this concert. Over 50 minutes of death metal for of old school fans. All are fasten together by Mariusz Krajewski great graphics and graphic design in old atmosphere prepared by Perversor.

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14 tracks, 50 mins.


LIVE Album


Black + Death Metal


30 march 2012




01. Hellfuck 03:02
02. Murder And Cruelty 04:17
03. Hallucinated 02:43
04 Human Brew 02:45
05. Destruction Thirst 02:31
06. Annihilation 06:33
07. Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors (Live) 04:02
08. Necropolis (Live) 02:34
09. Possessed By Evil (Live) 05:07
10. The Last Step Into Nothingness (Live) 04:34
11. Dismal Symbol (Live) 04:07
12. Maniacal Madness (Live) 02:45
13. Whore, Drugs And Brain Dead (Live) 02:44
14. Death And Destruction (Live) 04:50

This page is also available in: Polish


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