New album EVIL DEAD comming out: 10 Jan 2019

Zmiany w składzie EMBRIONAL
22 grudnia 2018
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New album EVIL DEAD comming out: 10 Jan 2019

Hell Maniacs!
After almost fourth years since the release of the latest album Embrional, we proudly present the song “Endless Curse” promoting our upcomming album EVIL DEAD!
The album will be released by the Embrional band with our own effort as DIGI PACK in the amount of 1000 copies, as well as in the DIGITAL version.
The premiere of this album is foreseen at 10.01.2019 !!!
CD’s and the full merch of the band will be available on the common tour with WITCHMASTER, which we invite you to now !!!
Spread the plague !!!

More details soon!

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