Changes in the EMBRIONAL team

23 June 2017
EMBRIONAL new line-up !!!
15 November 2017
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Changes in the EMBRIONAL team

Dear Maniacs and Friends,

I know that probably below news will shock some of you, but I have to inform that Embrional band left: bass player Michal “Soulbleed” Poletek, guitarist Tomasz Ziarko and drummer Daniel Rutkowski.

I would like to thank you guys for your support, time and effort which you put into Embrional band, and I wish you the best for the future!

My individual reason for such decision was interpersonal misunderstandings and lack of common “aim” for future music.

However, it is not means the end of Embrional band.  New lineup of Embrional will be announced soon with some surprise !!!

Currentlty we are working hard and preparing for FOAD FEST in Cracow,  where you must be there maniacs !!!

More info soon …


Regards , Marcin Skullripper \m/


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